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Keeping a Critical Eye on Third-Party Cyber Risk

Protecting Large and Small Companies from Third-Party Data Breaches

We understand that a key cyber security concern that keeps company directors awake at night is the unknown data vulnerabilities of its third-party vendors.  Monocle Risk is the third-party risk management solution that will help you sleep easy.

The Big Risk

Your business – however large or small – relies increasingly on third-party vendors and partners to collect data, process data, use data and store data. That presents a big risk.

How safe is the data of your customers, your employees and your clients in the hands of these third-parties, fourth-parties and fifth-parties?
How much faith can you place, day in and day out, in a service level agreement or a third-party risk assessment questionnaire?
Do you know where your weakest links are?

Monocle Risk answers these questions – protecting your brand and business and helping you avoid a costly data breach.

The Security Solution for Big & Small Businesses

Monocle Risk analyses the data integrity of your third-party suppliers as well as their third-parties. We give you the ongoing intelligence you need to manage your cyber risk, make good decisions and protect your business.
We passionately believe that ALL companies, regardless of size, should be able to access our products to protect their business and grow. That is why we have developed one product for multi-national companies dealing with hundreds of third-parties, and one product for smaller businesses at a scaled down cost.

With Monocle Risk the biggest to the smallest company can afford to protect themselves.

About Monocle Risk

We are proud to have developed our products in-house. Our team of highly skilled programmers and analysts continuously develop and test our algorithms by working with cyber insurance companies, banks and merger and acquisition advisors to get a full understanding of supply chain cyber risks.


Your brand and your business are too valuable to be put at risk by third-party data threats. Protect yourself with Monocle Risk

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